Drawing on my extensive background working with content and creators in entertainment and publishing,

I bring a diverse skill set encompassing business development, global sales, contract negotiation, and partnership building. My expertise lies in monetizing content, with a relentless focus on driving revenue.
Muriel Rosilio

I am passionate about the business side of entertainment and publishing, while also holding a profound admiration for the work of creative teams. I've had the privilege of collaborating closely with creators and creative professionals in development and production across North America, Europe, and Latin America. My role is to identify best fit partners, build and maintain relationships and negotiate strong agreements to then allow creators to focus on their craft and bring their visions to life. If you have a creative project or a role that needs the skill set of a dynamic, bilingual professional with business acumen, I’d be happy to connect

Throughout my career, I’ve successfully generated income for independent documentary makers and factual producers. I’ve managed brand partnerships for creators, enabling them to thrive in the digital landscape. I’ve also played a pivotal role in developing and producing audiovisual projects for an emerging studio, as well as publishing books authored by budding young writers.

My most recent role as Vice President of Global Business Development at Wattpad WEBTOON Studios allowed me to spearhead partnerships in Spain, Latin America, Germany, France, and Italy across entertainment and publishing. The Studio specialized in the development and co-production of a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from films and series to podcasts and animated content, all with a global reach. Our portfolio boasted an impressive slate of over 100 projects at various stages of development, 30 of which I was actively involved in.

One project I am particularly proud of is the production of the Spanish-language film franchise “A Través de Mi Ventana,” based on Ariana’s Godoy sensation published on Wattpad. After accumulating more than 325 million reads on Wattpad, the film adaptation premiered on Netflix in February 2022, where it reached #1 in 22 regions, the global Top 10 for Non-English films in 93 countries and spent 12 weeks in the streamer’s global Top 10.  The sequel “A Través del Mar” then premiered on Netflix in June 2023 and quickly became the number one non-English film on the platform, accumulating 14.5 million total views and over 27 million hours viewed in just two days. The second sequel will be out in 2024.

I’ve established partnerships with global publishing houses such as Penguin Random House, Hachette Livre and Mondadori.  These partnerships, have contributed to more than 400 books published, 3M copies sold books and achieved a remarkable 12 bestsellers across Spanish, French, and Italian languages.

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, I continue to realize success for creators and innovators across various content formats, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and excellence.

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A versatile career spanning entertainment, publishing, distribution,
business development and collaborating with creators.

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Navigating the high-stakes terrain of the entertainment industry demands a unique blend of vision and expertise. In my role at Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, the mission was clear: help craft narratives that redefine culture through ground-breaking television and film productions while nurturing the future literary sensations for our vast global audience of 166 million fervent fans.

Sitting at the crossroads of technology and entertainment, I’ve had the privilege of working with an international team focused on meticulously curating data-driven stories, each with its own dedicated audience, which form the basis for numerous strategic partnerships. This collaborative approach resulted in the development of more than 30 projects across the dynamic landscapes of Europe and Latin America alone.

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In 2020, I was asked to  join our publishing team. I established first-look publishing partnerships in Spanish, French, and Italian languages, spanning both print and audiobooks. Working with esteemed partners such as Penguin Random House, Hachette Livre, Mondadori Group, and Audible, these collaborations led to over 3M books sold along with 12 Bestsellers.

My role included oversight of the publication for one of our bestselling Spanish language authors, achieving the release of her book across 14 languages. This coordinated international effort reflects my commitment to bringing exceptional content to a global readership. As a testament to the success of these endeavors, we achieved a 100% partnership renewal rate.

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I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with creators from diverse corners of the world, each drawing upon their unique and authentic life experiences to craft compelling narratives. Their content is inherently original, stemming from user-generated creativity that resonates deeply with their audience. These creators possess an innate understanding of their fans.

They are adept at real-time engagement across platforms and various social media channels. 

My work with creators began in 2012 through my company Farrago Media Inc., where I worked closely with YouTube and social media influencers, coordinating and managing brand partnerships with leading brands such as Samsung Canada, Toys R Us, Walmart and others.  

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate closely with data and content teams, contributing to the meticulous curation of a top-tier international intellectual property (IP) library. This library serves as the cornerstone for the development of captivating series and films, and its literary gems are transformed into published works. Over the past five years, this collaborative effort yielded profound results, empowering numerous young women creators to achieve financial security and professional success while fulfilling their aspirations as recognized and published authors.


Business Development

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently delivered exceptional results across: brand partnerships for online influencers, global distribution for factual series and documentaries, entertainment partnerships leading to over 30 projects in development and production, publishing first look partnerships resulting in over 3M book copies sold and bestsellers in three distinct languages.

Global Success

Project Distribution

Beyond the production phase, during my years in distribution, the goal has always been to ensure that each project achieves global acclaim, enabling all stakeholders to not only recoup their investments but also realize substantial profits. I held the role of Vice President of Acquisitions and Distribution role at Filmoption International, a leading distributor of factual programming, responsible for distribution of over tens of thousands of hours of content globally. This critical phase of distribution and project exploitation demands a meticulous approach, requiring a profound sales acumen and an extensive network of influential decision-makers. My network spans across financiers, sub-distributors, theatres, broadcasters, and streaming platforms, all key players in orchestrating the worldwide success of produced projects.

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